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Administrative Orders Eastern Division

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Note: Only current Administrative Orders are included on our website.

No. Title Effective Date Judge
23-01 Order (I) Rescinding Administrative Order 20-04 and Administrative Order 20-06, (II) Reinstating Wet Signature Requirement, and (III) Establishing Alternative Requirements for Use of Digital Signature Software 03/01/2023 All
22-02 Administrative Order Regarding Extend and Impose Stay Motions 10/01/2022 JJR
21-05 Administrative Order Rescinding Administrative Order 21-02 09/16/2021 All
21-03 Administrative Order Regarding Motions to Extend Stay or Motions to Impose Stay to be Verified or Supported by Affidavit or Other Declaration 10/01/2021 TOM, JJR, DSC
21-02 Administrative Order Rescinding COVID Administrative Orders 10/01/2021 All
21-01 Procedures for Filing, Service and Management of Highly Sensitive Documents 01/15/2021 All
20-10 Order Extending the Provisions of Administrative Order 20-06 05/26/2020 All
20-09 Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rules Relating to SBRA Interim Rules With Revisions Necessitated by CARES Act; and Notice of Amended Official Forms 04/22/2020 All
20-06 Administrative Order Temporarily Suspending Requirement to Obtain Original Signatures from Debtors for Electronic Filings 03/27/2020 All
20-004 Administrative Order Regarding Court Operations During COVID-19 Outbreak 03/13/2020 All
20-02 Administrative Order Adopting Interim Bankruptcy Rules for Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 02/19/2020 All
19-03 Administrative Order Regarding Delegation of 11 U.S.C. Section 1183 Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 Trustee Appointing Authority 11/21/2019 All
17-05 Administrative Order Establishing the Sequence of Payments by the Chapter 13 Standing Trustee 11/09/2017 JJR
16-06 Administrative Order Regarding The Filing of Final Reports And Accounts in Cases Converted From Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 12/09/2016 All
16-05 Administrative Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds 11/21/2016 All
15-10 Administrative Order Regarding Chapter 13 Debtor's Certifications Regarding Domestic Support Obligations and Section 522(q) 12/04/2015 All
15-09 Administrative Order Requiring the Filing of a Summary of Schedules upon Filing Schedules and Amended Schedules 12/04/2015 All
15-03 Administrative Order Appointment of Joseph E. Bulgarella Clerk of Court 07/27/2015 All
12-02 Administrative Order - Adoption of Rule 1007-1 12/01/2012 All
10-08 Administrative Order - Extension of Deadlines That Expired While CM/ECF Was Unavailable 12/16/2010 All