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Technical Questions

  • Because access is limited to authorized attorneys, is there any way for pro se filers or attorneys without Internet access to file documents in CM/ECF cases?

    Yes. The system is also capable of accepting paper input from pro se filers and others as necessary. The Court converts all paper filings to electronic format by scanning and adding the scanned image into the CM/ECF system. The Court's Administrative Procedures for Filing, Signing, Retaining and Verification of Pleadings and Papers in the Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) System requires attorneys to file documents on a disk in pdf format if they are not authorized to file in the CM/ECF System. Public computers are available in the Court's intake area where pro se debtors can review cases.

  • I cannot view a PDF document when using the link in my summary email or when using my PACER account. What could be the problem?

    Try updating to the latest version of Adobe Reader. Try downloading Critical Update for (KB870669) from the Windows Update Website.  If you continue having problems, contact the PACER Service Center (

  • Will there be a notification when ECF is off-line for maintenance?
    Yes.  We will place a message on the ECF login screen giving the date and approximate times that the system will be down for maintenance. Also, registered users will receive email notification of scheduled system maintenance.
  • I am having difficulty in filing my documents. Can you provide any assistance with this problem?

    Is it a PDF? (Portable Document File) Check the size of your document to make sure it does not exceed our file size limit of 35 MB (35,840 KB). If it exceeds the limit, then try the following steps: 1) Check your DPI settings on your scanner. The DPI or PPI should be set at a recommended 300 PPI. You can lower the setting and rescan your document(s). 2) Is the page size of your document standard letter size (8.5 x 11.0)? If not, correct the scanner page size settings and then rescan your document(s). 3) If after following these steps, your file size remains larger than 35 MB and it contains two or more pages, scan your documents in blocks (example: pages 1-4 are one file, and pages 5-8 are a second file). Your first file will be the main document, and any additional files will be an attachment to your main document when docketed in ECF.

  • How long will it take to transmit lengthy documents?

    The time it takes to transmit a document primarily depends on the user's Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the size of PDF being transmitted. Generally, the larger the file, the longer it will take to load. File limitations are in place to expedite the transmission. PDF documents should NOT be larger than 35 MB (35,840 KB).