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Courtroom Attire and Conduct

  1. Always be punctual. If you have a conflict, comply with Alabama Supreme Court Order regarding conflicts.
  2. Dress appropriately:
    • Male attorneys - suit and tie or dress pants, coat and tie
    • Female attorneys - suit, dress with long sleeves or jacket (avoid sleeveless, low cut tops, capri pants or short skirts)
  3. Stand when the Judge enters and exits the Courtroom.
  4. Identify yourself for the record and state the name of your client.
  5. Refrain from reading a newspaper if you sit inside the Bar of the Courtroom.
  6. Counsel are responsible for advising their clients and witnesses as to the proper Courtroom behavior and attire.
  7. Any contact with the Court regarding hearings should be with the Courtroom Deputy and not with the Law Clerk.
  8. During a trial or a hearing:
    • Address others by title and surname
    • Stand when addressing the Court unless otherwise instructed or approved
    • Request permission to approach either the witness or the Bench
    • After providing exhibit to witness, return to podium, do not hover over the witness
    • Hand exhibits to the Courtroom Deputy
  9. All cell phones or other devices must be off or silent.
  10. All settlement negotiations or other discussions should take place in the hall and outside the Courtroom.