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McVCIS Instructions

Multi-Court Voice Case Information System - McVCIS
Toll Free 1-866-222-8029

McVCIS provides the public automated case information free of charge. This voice case information system can be accessed from any touch tone telephone and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except for system maintenance. A computer and modem are NOT necessary to access the McVCIS System.

To access this information system and obtain information concerning Northern District of Alabama bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings, please follow the instructions set forth below:

  1. Using a touch-tone telephone, dial 1-866-222-8029. A computer synthesized voice willanswer the call and ask you to press 2 for Spanish.
  2. You will then be asked to select a bankruptcy court district--say the state name then the district or press # for the available list of districts. If you know the district number enter it anytime during the recording.
  3. The system allows 5 searches per call. For instructions on using the system, press 1. You may search for cases by case number, by a debtor’s name, or by a debtor’s social security or tax ID number.
    1. To search by case number, press 2.
      • Enter the four digit year in which the case was filed by pressing the keys on your telephone corresponding with the numbers in the year.
      • Enter the last five digits of the case number.
    2. To search by participant name, press 3. Press the keys on your telephone corresponding to the letters in the name. Use the 1 key to enter the letters Q and Z; do not attempt to type in spaces between names, or characters (such as apostrophes and hyphens) that are not letters.
      • For individuals, enter the last name, first name, and middle initial, if possible, followed by the # sign.
      • To enter the name of a company, type the company name, omitting suffixes such as Inc. and Corp., followed by the # sign.
    3. To search by a social security or tax ID number, press 4.  Type the debtor’s full social security or tax ID number, omitting any hyphens or
  4. McVCIS will search the database for the case number, name, social security number, or tax ID number entered in the system.
    1. If the case number, name, social security number, or tax ID number entered is not found on the database, McVCIS will respond, “No matching cases were found.”
    2. If one matching case is found, McVCIS will provide the information available for that case.
    3. If multiple cases involving the same person are found, McVCIS will provide the information available for the most recently filed case.
    4. If more than one matching person is found, McVCIS will respond “Multiple matching cases were found. Please search by social security number or tax ID number.”
  5. After providing information on the first search, McVCIS will return you to the Main Menu. To perform another search, repeat step 3 above.
  6. After 5 searches, you will be disconnected from the System. For information concerning additional cases, please redial McVCIS.

McVCIS - General Information Available

  • debtor(s)’ name(s)
  • case number
  • judge name
  • tax identification number
  • date the case was opened
  • voluntary or involuntary case filing
  • business or consumer
  • date of filing
  • chapter
  • attorney name and telephone
  • date and time of the pending § 341 meeting
  • date of discharge
  • date of case closing
  • date and time of the first meeting
  • asset status
  • general case status

If you encounter problems, please wait a few minutes and retry.