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Judge James J. Robinson

United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama

Staff Information

Telephone - (256) 741-1529

Judicial Assistant Rita Colvin
Law Clerk Alyssa Ross
Courtroom Deputy Tenina Milner
Orders E-mail Address
Courtroom Deputy E-mail Address

Reminder to all attorneys, case participants, the media, and the public: the recording or broadcasting of bankruptcy proceedings is strictly prohibited.

Judge Robinson is conducting in-person hearings exclusively at this time. Telephone appearance by counsel will be considered on a case-by-case basis, upon email request to no later than noon two days prior to the hearing, setting out the reason for the request and the  number where counsel may be reached if the request is granted. The phone bridge may be used in circumstances where multiple counsel have been granted telephone privileges in a particular matter.  Unless the court expressly authorizes otherwise due to exigent circumstances described in a written request, counsel appearing by phone may not argue the law, present evidence, or question witnesses but may make announcements and monitor proceedings.

Report of Parties’ Planning Meeting for Judge Robinson (updated 6/25/2024)

Motion to Modify to Use Insurance Proceeds

Instructions for Mortgage Modifications and Motions to Incur Debt