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Notice of Corrections to the Bankruptcy Forms

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Corrections to some of the existing Official Bankruptcy forms were approved by the Forms Subcommittee last week, and the AO has made the following changes:

  • Form 423, Certificate of Financial Management, was corrected as follows:

    "If you are an individual, you must take an approved course about personal financial management if:
     - you filed for bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 13, or
     - you filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 and § 1141 (d)(3) applies."

    The form originally posted and used after 12/1/15 contained the following language:
    " - you filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 and § 1141 (d)(3) does not apply."

  • Form 424, Certification to Court of Appeals - A minor change was made on page two to correctly reference Rule 8006 rather than Rule 8001 (as a result of the changes to Part VIII Rules).
  • Form 106Sum at Part 3, number 5 where the form previously instructed the debtor to "copy monthly expenses from line 22 Column A of Schedule J" but there was no Column A.  The form is now corrected to reference line 22c.
  • Form 119, BK Petition Preparer Notice and Declaration, in the instructions, paragraph on page 1 refers to the requirement of Bankruptcy Petition Preparers to sign in Part 2.  Earlier instructions directed signature in Part 3, but this form doesn't have a Part 3.