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Notice to CM/ECF Filers

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In Re:  Modification to Docket Event in CM/ECF

The Amended Schedules (Fee) Docket Event located under Bankruptcy > Miscellaneous > Amended Schedules (Fee) is being modified to require the filer to list added/deleted creditors to the final docket text.  This docket event should only be used when: 1) adding creditor(s), 2) deleting creditor(s), 3) changing the amount specified as being owed to a creditor(s) and 4) changing the classification of a debt(s).  When processing this event, you will be presented with selection boxes to select one or more of the items below:

  • Adding Creditors
  • Deleting Creditors
  • Changing the Amount Specified as Being Owed to a Creditor
  • Changing the Classification of a Debt

Once your selection(s) are made, applicable statistical information is inputted and creditors are added/deleted, you will be asked to individually list the name of each afore-mentioned creditor(s).  The names of these creditor(s) will be added to the final docket text of this docket event.