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Motion to Administer Eastern Division Cases (St. Clair County) in Birmingham

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

(Rebroadcast on Monday, April 27)

Certain Eastern Division cases may be administered in Birmingham.  We have created a new CM/ECF event, Motion to Administer Case in Birmingham, that lawyers can use to file these motions. 

Guidelines for these motions include: 

  1. Only debtors who are residents of St. Clair County are eligible to have their Eastern Division cases administered in Birmingham. 
  1. If a St. Clair County resident wants his or her bankruptcy case administered in Birmingham, he or she must file a Motion to Administer Case in Birmingham with the Voluntary Petition.  Any such motion that is not filed contemporaneously with the Voluntary Petition will not be considered.
  1. File the motion in CM/ECF as a Motion to Administer Case in Birmingham, which is located under Bankruptcy> Motions/Applications> Administer Case in Birmingham.  
  1. If the motion is granted, all hearings and meetings of creditors for these cases will be held in Birmingham. 

The new event for Motions to Administer Case in Birmingham will be available for use in CM/ECF beginning Monday, April 20, 2015. 


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