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Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC)


  • A proof of claim may be filed electronically using the File a Claim or Amend a Claim link below.  If you are filing a proof of claim electronically for the first time, please read all information provided below BEFORE attempting to file your proof of claim using this link.
  • ePOC creates the official claim form.  The claim form should not be added as an attachment.  Any attachments should consist of supporting documentation to the Proof of Claim.
  • This service is provided as an alternative filing option for those parties not registered for CM/ECF who previously had to file their proofs of claim conventionally (on paper) with the court.  It may also be used by CM/ECF registrants.
  • A claim filed electronically on this court's website will constitute the filer's approved signature and have the same force and effect as if the filer signed a paper copy of the document.  Documents required to be verified or contain an unsworn declaration that are filed electronically will be treated, for all purposes (both civil and criminal, including penalties for perjury), the same as if signed or subscribed.
  • Certain personal information must be removed from all documents before electronically submitting the proof of claim form.  See Information Regarding E-Government Act Privacy Requirements for more information.

Click here to download a printable version of our ePOC Filing Guide

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