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Submitting Orders

  • To submit an order to the Court, you must email the order to:
For Judge Crawford
For Judge Henderson
For Judge Jessup
For Judge Mitchell
For Judge Robinson
  • The order must be sent as an attachment to the email and must be in MS Word format, NOT a PDF file.  For security reasons, the order should not be macro-enabled. 
  • Include the debtor's BK or AP case number when naming the proposed order, i.e. "19-041104 Greene Order" or "AP16-70021 Veros Order".
  • Consent orders must list the party(ies) consenting to the order.
  • The subject line of the email should include:
1) 12-digit case number in it's entirety (ex. 19-41101-JJR13),
2) Debtor(s) Last/Business Name(s) or AP short title, and
3) Short description of the type of order submitted, for example-
       Agreed Order
       Consent Order
       Order Granting Motion to Modify
       Order on Motion to Avoid Lien
       Order and Ntc of Hrg
       Proposed Order on MFR
       Settlement Agreement
  Subject: 18-04177-TOM11, Mission Coal, Agreed Order
  Subject: 18-0387-DSC13, Taylor, Proposed Order on Chase MFR
  Subject:  AP 16-70021-JHH Veros Energy, LLC v. GCube, Consent Order
  Subject:  AP 19-80016-CRJ Spencer v. Credit Adjustments, Dismissal Order