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(a)    Venue Within the District.  The county in which the domicile, residence, principal place of business, or principal assets of the person or entity that is the subject of the case have been located for the 180 days immediately preceding the commencement of the bankruptcy case, or for a longer portion of such 180 day period than the residence or principal place of business of such person or entity was located in any other division; or in which there is pending a case under title 11 concerning such person's or entity's affiliate, general partner, or partnership shall be used to determine venue of cases within the district according to the geographic divisions within the district as defined in Rule 1071-1.  In the event venue is contested, the factors of 28 U.S.C. § 1408 as applied to divisions will be used to determine venue within the district.

(b)    Cases Filed by Non-CM/ECF Registered Users.  A division office may accept for filing, on behalf of any other division office, an original petition and accompanying documents under any chapter of the Code if the filer of the petition is a pro se individual or an attorney who is not a CM/ECF registered user and who has obtained a waiver from the clerk's office to file documents in conventional format.  Venue of such cases shall be in accordance with Rule 1073-1(a).


(Eff. 7/1/2010)