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Southern Division - Birmingham


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M-F 8:00AM-4:00PM

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Street Address: 

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Robert S. Vance Federal Building
1800 Fifth Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2111
Telephone: (205) 714-4000

Mailing Address: 

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
1800 Fifth Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Bankruptcy Judges  
Tamara O. Mitchell  
D. Sims Crawford  
Chambers of Judge Mitchell  
Donna McGee, Law Clerk (205) 714-3853
Anita Farmer, Judicial Assistant (205) 714-3852
Chambers of Judge Crawford  
Law Clerk (205) 714-3883
Judicial Assistant (205) 714-3882
Clerk of Court  
Joseph E. Bulgarella (205) 714-4001

Chief Deputy Clerk
Mac Halcomb (205) 714-4006
Division Supervisor  
Tammie Clayton (205) 714-3935