Registration and Training

ECF User Registration - Attorneys and creditors wishing to file electronically in the ALNB CM/ECF system must complete the registration process to be issued a user ID and password.

Instructions for Filing a Certificate of Completion of a Personal Financial Management Course - Financial management course providers allowed to file the certificate of completion for debtors.

ECF Attorney Training Registration - Attorneys wishing to file electronically in the ALNB CM/ECF system must be certified before being issued an ID and password in the system.

Notice of Docket Event for Motion to Approve Loan Modification - We created a docket event in CM/ECF for filing a Motion to Approve Loan Modification.  The event can be found under Bankruptcy > Motions/Applications > Approve Loan Modification.

CM/ECF Training Materials - Short tutorials called Electronic Learning Modules (ELMs) along with highlights detailing new features for attorneys, trustees, Bankruptcy Administrators, and PACER users.

Official 2015 Bankruptcy Forms in CM/ECF Overview for Attorney - The Administrative Office of the United States Courts has prepared an Overview for Attorneys that details the changes that will take effect December 1, 2015.

Helpful Hints

CM/ECF Practice Pointers - (04/15/2015)

CM/ECF Release 5.1 Court Newsletter

CM/ECF Release 5.0 Summary for External Users

CM/ECF Release 5.0 Court Newsletter

CM/ECF Release 4.2 Court Newsletter

CM/ECF Release 4.1 Summary for External Users - (06/14/2011)

CM/ECF Release 4.1 Newsletter

CM/ECF Transfer of Claim Fee: - Effective May 1, 2013, creditors will be assessed a $25 transfer of claim fee for each transfer, including partial transfers. Select the link to view the instructions.

Mobile Query Quick Reference Guide - The CM/ECF Query feature is now available for mobile devices. This feature gives you portability with devices like iPads, iPhones, Androids, and other similar products.