Registration and Training Questions

  • When completing the registration form for an attorney, it asked for the location of training. The attorney was already certified in another district. Is the attorney required to attend training to receive an ID and Password?

    No. There is an either/or selection- "I am already certified" or "I have completed training." The attorney should mark the box "I am already certified," and list the District where certification was received.

  • Is the CM/ECF ID and password issued by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama the same as what is issued by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama?

    No, each Court will issue an ID and password to be used only in their Court.

  • When is your next training date?

    Available classes are posted on our website ( under the CM/ECF tab. Select Registration and Training > ECF-Training Registration for Attorneys. Scroll down the registration form and click on "Select City" for the next available class and the number of seats available. Complete the registration form and select "Register" to secure your seat.

  • When an attorney moves their bankruptcy practice to a new location and pending case responsibilities move, what notification to the Court is required by the attorney?

    The attorney should submit updated mailing address and email address information via CM/ECF. This information is updated in the Live System Data, accessed at the Court website,, by selecting Utilities> Maintain My ECF Account, and performing an "update all" when prompted. Once this information has been modified, the Court should receive notification of this change via email or hard copy.

  • Must all users attend a training session?

    Training is not required for limited filers (those filing proof of claims). Training is required for attorneys unless they have been trained and issued an ID and password from another bankruptcy court.