(a)        Fees Owed from Previous Case.  If a debtor files an application to pay filing fees in installments and the debtor owes an unpaid fee from a previous case filed within five calendar years, the Court will deny the application and allow the debtor fourteen days from the petition date to pay the entire filing fee.  If the entire filing fee is not paid, the Court may dismiss the case without a hearing.  An order denying the debtor's application will be entered on the CM/ECF docket report of the case.
(b)       Minimum Initial Payment.  In all cases where subdivision (a) does not apply, when filing an application to pay filing fees in installments, the debtor must pay a minimum initial installment payment of twenty-five percent of the total filing fee owed within thirty days of the petition date in accordance with Local Rule 5081-1(a).
(c)        Cases Filed on or After October 1, 2013.  For chapter 13 cases filed on or after October 1, 2013, debtors must pay installment payments through CM/ECF consistent with Local Rule 5081-1(a) and not through a chapter 13 trustee.  For chapter 13 cases filed prior to and that are pending on October 1, 2013, debtors may continue to pay filing fees by installments through a chapter 13 trustee.
(Eff. 10/1/2013)