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ALNB Telephonic Hearing Call-In Instructions

Telephonic hearings are held via AT&T toll-free teleconference. The call-in number and access code for each judge is listed below.  To avoid disruption, telephonic hearing participants are expected to call from a quite location and encouraged to call from a landline if possible. 

  • At least 10 minutes before the time of the hearing, dial the teleconferencing number listed below.
  • Enter the access code listed below for the presiding judge.
  • There is no security code and please do not select any other feature. If the automated attendant asks for a security code, one is not required. 
  • Once connected, place your telephone on mute until your case is called.
  • Do not place the call on hold as this may cause music or other noises to play during the hearing of other participants on the call.
  • To avoid unnecessary feedback, please avoid using your phone’s speaker-phone function.
  • Wait until your case is called before speaking. Unmute your phone and identify yourself for the record each time you speak.
  • Please hang up once your hearing is completed. 
  • If you are disconnected during the telephonic hearing, hang up and call back into the telephonic hearing using the same call-in number and access code.
  • Parties MAY NOT record the hearings on any device.

Chief Judge Jennifer H. Henderson

Teleconference Number
Access Code 5236070#

Judge Tamara O. Mitchell 

Teleconference Number
Access Code 2653346#

Judge James J. Robinson

Teleconference Number
Access Code 9913581#

Judge Clifton R. Jessup, Jr. 

Teleconference Number
Access Code 2749965#

Judge D. Sims Crawford

Teleconference Number
Access Code 7962430#

These are general instructions which, in certain hearings, may be altered by the Court as needed. 
Attorneys may contact the Courtroom Deputy if they have additional questions.